Building the Energy Workforce of the Future

Utilities are a graying industry. That means there are more professionals retiring from the energy-delivery field each year than there is new talent to replace them. As the grid becomes smarter and more complex, the need for a robust workforce grows.  To combat this trend, power experts have to approach the problem from several angles and collaborate across industry and academia in order to find lasting solutions.

This was the theme of a recent T&D World webinar, sponsored by Dow and presented by WPI’s resident power systems expert, Michael Ahern, and other industry leaders. Their main solutions to this workforce challenge were:

  • Employee engagement and succession planning
  • Improving technical knowledge and interest
  • Hands-on, on-the-job, and online training

Read the full article at T&D World

Download “Keeping the lights on: Empowering the power delivery workforce” webinar

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