What is Systems Thinking? Experts Weigh In

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Back in October, WPI welcomed over 100 professionals interested in Systems Thinking to the university’s first-ever colloquium on the topic. Systems Thinking experts from around the world delivered presentations–both in person and remotely!–that attempted to answer the question: what is Systems Thinking?

Image result for ricardo valerdi systems thinkingOne such expert, Professor Ricardo Valerdi, came all the way from the University of Arizona to present his research on the subject. He had such a good time at the event, he wrote an article on this top 3 takeaways on Systems Thinking for ISE Magazine

“We are fortunate to have colloquiums like these to accelerate knowledge exchange,” he writes. “I encourage other interests groups to do the same.”

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  1. Christine Tang says:


    Dr. Tarun Lal also wrote an article in the ISE Magazine about system dynamics.

  2. Christine Tang says:

    I forgot to state that my Bachelors is in Industrial Engineering. I am the WPI System Dynamics (SD) Social Media Manager and am slowly studying SD.

    Please check out our Twitter page. I post about SD and systems thinking.

  3. kegorton says:

    Thanks, Christine!

  4. Donna says:

    Personally, I come from a math and physics background, so for me the systems approach is deeply ingrained, otherwise I would’ve studied statistics. The prevalence of interest in the latter and undervaluing the former might be another route to explanation: when/how math has more power than stats. music : math :: influence : social system?

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