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The Role of Data in a World Reshaped by COVID-19

Public and private sectors involved in healthcare produce a tremendous amount of data each day. An estimated 80% of all healthcare data was considered unstructured before the COVID-19 outbreak. At the start of the pandemic, stakeholders ranging from public health officials to medical supply manufacturers needed data scientists to make sense of this data to manage the…Continue Reading The Role of Data in a World Reshaped by COVID-19

Vaccines: The COVID-19 Solution?

With over 6.15 M confirmed cases of COVID-19 reported worldwide as of June 1, 20201, scientists in pharma, biotech, start-ups, research institutes, and universities around the world are racing to develop tests, treatments, and vaccines2 to combat COVID-19. Today in the U.S. there are ~110 FDA-approved test kit manufacturers and commercial laboratories,3 and more than…Continue Reading Vaccines: The COVID-19 Solution?