Finals week…and time to search for jobs?

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I sent out all of my thank you emails to the employees from the company I interviewed with. I got one response and it sounds promising for a second interview. 🙂 But I haven’t heard anything for sure, so I can’t make any assumptions at this point.

Usually finals week is absolutely ridiculous at WPI, but this one in a little strange for me. I had a lot of stress with my assignments due Monday, and I know Thursday/Friday will be pretty ridiculous, but Tuesday and Wednesday are looking pretty good. I know I should be doing what I can to prepare for the end of the week, but for some of the work I’m waiting on other people to finish theirs (lab partners, advisors, etc). So I decided I’d use this time to job search.

 I figured that this break in schoolwork is exactly what I needed to make some serious progress in job searching. I’ve been using Job Finder and, and recently I’ve started looking into too. Finding a job is hard! I have to sort through sooo many job postings to find something I’m qualified for. I feel like everyone either wants a technitian with a 2 year degree or a senior engineer…and I’m clearly neither of those things. I guess finding a job is going to be a lot more time consuming than I realized, but it’s clearly worth it. I’m definitely feeling the pressure to find a job now that a lot of my friends are starting to talk about interviews or the job leads that  they have. But, I think as long as I keep up the progress I’m making I should be fine.

And somehow, even though I have a lot going on with job searching, finals, and MQP, I’m only kind of stressed. Not the crazy, overwhelming stressed that I’d normally feel at the end of C term. Maybe it has to do with the fact that in 3 days I’ll be sitting on the beach in the Bahamas with some of my sorority sisters. 🙂

I hope everyone else is surviving finals week too. In a few days all of the stress will be over. So if you’re also going to be traveling to warmer weather, or staying here in Worcester, I hope you have an enjoyable and relaxing Spring Break!

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Hi everyone! My name is Kelly and I'm from Andover, MA. I'm a senior in Mechanical Engineering, and it's my second year as a Peer Advisor for WPI's Career Development Center. I'm also in one of the sororities on campus, Phi Sigma Sigma, and a part of EPICS (Engineering Projects In Community Service). I'm going to be keeping you updated on my senior year and what I'm doing to figure out my life after college (jobs, grad school, etc). Enjoy!

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