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I am Sam Francois! A junior (yeah, a junior, WPI has been flying by!). I am majoring in the coolest major ever!!! I am majoring in Electrical & Computer Engineering (ECE). I don’t really have a concentration; I am just filling up my schedule with whatever courses sound fun.

Speaking of fun, when I am not being a student or taking a nap, I try to find cool things to get involved in. My newest postion on campus is a Peer Advisor at the Career Developement Center (CDC). I have been at the CDC since my freshman year! The CDC is one of the most helpful resources on campus so make sure you swing by often, especially with the career fair creeping up. I used to be at the front desk, but now I am in the back working towards being a super helpful rescourse for my peers.

A lot of people always help me out, so it is nice to help others this time around. Feel free to poke me with any general questions about the CDC, ECE or taking naps. I can’t wait to help you!

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Sam Francois! WPI 2014. BS in Electrical & Computer Engineering. I love free stuff! I like my smiley faces wearing hats. q=] (how cool is that?). That's enough for now. If you want to know more, you'll have to check out my blogs! Stay tuned!

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