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Other than midterms, Last week was awesome!

Check this out: I don’t work out at all so the brand new Rec Center didn’t mean much to me until I attended the career fair. Career fairs are always fun for me but this year was really fun. A lot of people always say that the fall career fair is just for seniors or full time positions but I knew that was FALSE.

Knowing that I was gonna attend the career fair, I wanted to be prepared. I used my job finder to create a list of companies that I really wanted to check out. There were A TON of companies but job finder has some filters which helped me pick just ECE companies.

Once I got to the career fair, I grabbed a pair of FREE sunglasses from one of the tables and attacked my favorite companies. All the people were really approachable. I saw Alumni, who are now employers and that made conversations with companies extremely easy. I also got a few business cards from employers, which is always a good sign. I will be sure to stay in touch. I have yet to send the employers emails but one company already emailed me. (Good thing I went to the career fair)

I always try and take advantage of the opportunities in front of me, I think you should too! If you missed the career fair and still want to meet with some employers, there’s still hope! I strongly recommend showing up to company information sessions.You can see a list of those on Job finder.

Good luck job hunting!

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