How Do You Break a Chain? Break the Weakest Link!

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Imagine not even having a chain? That’s what not having a LinkedIn account is sort of like. For a while I was pretty, stubborn and lazy when it came to creating a LinkedIn account.

I had no idea that my network was slowly dying. I was really content with my stack of business cards but unfortunately, people’s numbers change, people’s emails change and all sorts of other contact information changes as well. My chain was slowly breaking in several spots. Fortunately, Once I created a LinkedIn account, I was able to reconnect with some very important people.

I am not saying you absolutely need a LinkedIn account, but I am saying if you’re not so good at keeping in touch with people and updating their contact information, It might be a good idea to join a website that people update their information for you.

Feel free to check out some of the other blogs. I saw a few posts on LinkedIn that could give you some more insight.

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