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Do you use JobFinder to look for suitable internships/jobs? You want to live at home while working over the summer to save up some money? Your hometown is not in the Northeast?

If any of these questions are going through your mind, that means you need to get familiarized with “CareerSearch”. This is an extensive database that allows you to search companies by industry, major, location, size, zipcode and any other criteria you can imagine. Once you refine your search, it provides you with contact names from the company. You can potentially search these contacts on LinkedIn and send them an InMail, you can look for their business card on the CDC server (at the main lobby of CDC, you can log onto the computer and look for contacts from all the companies you’re interested in). You can also go onto the company’s website and if the person’s contact info is included on the website you can email that person.

Quick info on how to get around the website. First click on the company search tab on the top left, then select U.S Advanced Search.Within advanced search you’ll find three main tabs for searching: Industries, Locations and Keywords. Keywords tabs provides you with information only if you already know about the company or the person. For example you type the company’s and the contact person’s name and it provides you with the email address (as long as the person is included in the database). The Industries tab gives you an overview of all the industries and once you click on a category it leads you to subgroups to refine your search. Once you refine your search enough, you can click on the Get Results button on the bottom right and view the names and phone numbers of the companies listed in that industry subgroup. When you click on the company’s name, you reach names of contact people and general background information about the company. Try the below link. You can also reach Career Search database under shortcuts on your JobFinder account. Enjoy and good luck with job hunt!




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