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How did you spend your Tuesday? If you weren’t in the Campus Center on Tuesday there is no way you had as much fun as me. Tuesday this week was super cool!!

WPI’s Phi Kappa Theata (KAP), Bonardi’s Formalwear (on Highland Street) and of course the Career Development Center got to put on a pretty sweet event in the Campus Center!

Bonardi’s decided to hook WPI up with with a super sweet deal. There are a bunch of coupon’s left, so even if you missed the event feel free to swing by the Career Development Center for some resume critiques and on your way out grab an exclusive discount card.

Any Way KAP did an awesome job with the other stations like how to tie a tie and I think that my table pretty awesome too. We decided to do a raffle, about 40 people entered so stay tuned for some winners. In addition to holding a raffle we also gave out interview tips from some of our handouts and personal experiences.

If you want more interview tips feel free to check out some other blog posts like

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There are much more so really dig through those blogs!

Also if you want the cool folks over at the Career Development Center to jump on an event with your organization just let us know!

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