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Thanksgiving was last week and for some reason everything before that week in regards to my job search was moving really slowly. I applied to some places, had an interview or two earlier in the term then everything sort of hit a stone wall and just stopped. So when Thanksgiving break came around and I reconnected with some old friends, we all said hey let’s get serious. We figured there is either something we’re doing wrong or maybe employers/ recruiters just take a break around holidays….

At this point, I am convinced both things were true. Employers taking a break around the Thanksgiving Holiday isn’t anything in my control, but me doing something wrong is almost always in my control.

So here’s what I did to fix things:
I blocked sometime off during break and updated my resume with some projects from this term and last term while they’re still fresh on my mind. I then dug through my email, jobfinder, papers in my backpack and of course LinkedIn. I tried to figure out all the places I had applied, the places I wanted to apply to, the places I am currently in the interview process with and of course the places I got rejected from. I then threw all of that information into excel. Now I have a solid list of places I need to follow up with and a reasonable time to do so.

Since then, I took a few stabs at the companies on the places I want to apply to list and I have been getting great results:
So far, I received an email from one company, had a phone interview with another company and I have an on campus interview with a third company. All that in one week!

So yeah here’s where I am going with this, usually I am not organized at all but I think it is super worth it for everyone to get organized with their job search.

If you see me around, please let me know what works for you, but getting organized is definitely working for me!

I am super glad things are speeding up and of course I will be sure to keep you posted!!!

For other advice visit my homies’ blogs!

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