LinkedIn Trouble? Me Too!!

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Happy Monday Everyone!!!!

Ugh last week was SOOO busy! I swear these terms go by so fast, its already three weeks in and next week is midterms week. Where does the time go???

So last week I went to the Career Fair and had an AWESOME conversation with a recruiter for a company I am very interested in working for! (For the full story check out my last blog, An Introduction, a Story, and a Tip). The recruiter told me that she would pass along my resume to one of her colleagues in my area of interest, which I thought was very nice. She gave me her colleagues business card as well.

A few days later, I received an email from my LinkedIn account saying that someone had viewed my profile. To my surprise it was a person I didn’t know! Most of my LinkedIn profile views are from my school friends, my past boss, and my dad (yes my dad!!! we’ve done business together a few times!).

Who was this person who viewed my LinkedIn? It was a guy from the company I really want to work for! Not only that, it was the guy from the business card I was given by the recruited that I talked to at the Career Fair! AHH!!

That “AHH” should have been a feeling of excitement. But what I actually felt was embarrassment! I had NOTHING on my LinkedIn profile! Nothing but my name and my school. I had put in all this effort to make a good impression, but I hadn’t really thought about my LinkedIn profile!!! Gah! If I had only taken an hour to put my resume on my LinkedIn page it would have been so much more impressive.

Luckily I got an email from him (I may have jumped for joy) and we are now in contact with each other! My LinkedIn profile is now a lot less embarrassing (although it could still use some work!) I’ll keep you posted on any further details!


First impressions do matter, but second impressions matter just as much!  In addition to writing a “Thank You” note after meeting an employer and changing your voice-mail to something professional (I’ve been told it can’t you and your friends signing “My Heart Will Go On ” as your voicemail) be sure to also update your LinkedIn and your other social media sites!

Shameless Plug:

Good news! If you want to create a LinkedIn page or just improve and existing one, you should come to the CDC LinkedIn Lab!! It is run by me, Sam, and Omesh (be sure to check out their blogs this week as well!) It is Tuesday, April 8 in KH 203!!! I’ll be there to clean up my page, will you?

Until next time,

Gianna <3


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