Career Fair, Deadlines, and Coffee

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The Fall Career Fair is only 8 short days away!


My countdown has begun, and the stress is piling on. I need to start going through Job Finder and determining which companies will be hiring Actuarial students… I looked quickly last week and there were applications already posted! I’m planning to go to the RESUMAZING event next Thursday so that I can make sure my resume is in tip-top condition before I send it off in any job applications. I just need to make sure I have all my deadlines straight so I don’t miss out on any opportunities. Last year, I waited a little too long, and missed the deadline for a couple of the companies I was interested in.


It really helps me to just write it all down on a piece of paper, as well as save them in my digital calendar. I try to submit everything a few days before any deadlines, just to be extra sure I don’t overlook anything – or in case a particular application takes me longer than anticipated.

Once I’ve gone through Job Finder and determined which companies I want to visit, I pull up the Career Fair App on my phone (which is SOOO helpful). I highly recommend you download it! You can search for companies on there by your major as well, mark the ones you like, and it will keep track of lists for you! It will also show you where they will be located on a floorplan map.

Here’s some info about it if you haven’t downloaded it yet!

 Career Fair Plus Flyer

I make notes about each company I’m planning to visit, such as whether or not they have already posted a job, if I’ve already applied or if I’m planning to, and something I know or like about the company. These notes are what I bring with me to the career fair, so I can refresh my memory before I actually go to each table and tailor my elevator pitch to the representative I’m speaking with.

All this prep is on my to-do list… which is growing longer and longer. It’s definitely hard to find time to prepare for the career fair when my homework and studying needs to get done too. It’s important for me to stay super organized so I can get it all done, and not neglect my classes, or the career fair – which is SO important for my future! There’s only one solution… coffee.


Good Luck!!

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