Major Choice Got Ya Down?

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Do you wake up every morning and feel ecstatic and thankful to have classes to go to and a major you love?

I do!

Well.. sometimes I do.

Especially around this time of the term, I start to curse my decision and seriously wonder why I didn’t choose something easier – or at least more manageable. But you know what? I know I’m not alone. And I know, that deep down, my major is the right choice for me. It’s hard, it challenges me every day, and it brings on some extra special challenges with a side of no sleep during finals week, but I am still thankful I have found a course of study that will ultimately lead me to a career I will be happy in.

I hope that when you put aside all the stress, you feel that way too!

One thing that helps me remember to be grateful for my major and my education is reflecting on why I chose it to begin with. Why am I at WPI and why am I studying Actuarial Math? Because I have a passion. A passion to learn and to be well-rounded. And I am incredibly lucky to be here.

If you haven’t found a major or a course of study that makes you feel this way, then maybe you’re on the wrong track, or maybe you’re still completely undecided. Perhaps there is something else WPI has to offer you! If this is your case, then I hope you’ve signed up to be a part of the FY1800, Discovering Majors and Careers class. I am super pumped to help out with this class next term and help other students find their passion, like I’ve found mine.

And remember.. meeting goals and following your dreams isn’t always easy, but if you’re on the right track, you should definitely be happy to be here!

Good luck with everything!


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