The Information that Makes Cents (and dollars)

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Hey Seniors! Do you know what you’re worth??


The CDC compiles a huge amount of information for graduating seniors, graduate students, and doctoral students to mainly figure out where they will be working and how much their making.


Luckily, we write it up in a report and post it online! Our most recent report, from WPI graduates in 2014, is posted on the CDC website by clicking on the “Majors, Careers, Salaries” tab or if just follow this link: .

There are different sections for each major that break down the essential information to know where graduates ended up and their average salary based on their degree.

Going into job search season, it’s important to know what salary you should expect and what companies hire WPI students! If you have any questions, please send them over to the Peer Advisors at or just stop in the CDC!


Your friendly neighborhood Peer Advisor,

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