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Hey all!

Are you still undecided about your major? Are you pretty set on your major but want to learn more about the career options it sets you up for? The Career Development Center is here for you (as always)! They have dedicated staff that are well-trained about every major here at WPI, and the numerous career paths that go with each one.

If you haven’t found a major or a course of study that you love yet, then I hope you’ll sign up to be a part of the Discovering Majors and Careers class in C term. You’ll hear from a variety of students and faculty and will not only learn about majors and careers, but you will also get experience writing a good resume and learning how to search for internships. This class also sets you up to talk with WPI Seniors who are in a major of your interest as well as Alumni who are working in the field! I am super pumped to help out with this class next term and help other students find their passion, like I’ve found mine.

Watch a fun video about the class here:

The course only meets for two hours per week, so you can still take 3 other classes and manage fine! To sign up search for FY 1800 or use the following CRN during course registration: 20628.

Happy course planning!

Your neighborhood Peer Advisor,

Kayla Mulready

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