Networking Night Reflection

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Hey guys! It’s felt like its been a year since I’ve written to you all! Are those new year jokes getting old yet? Probably…

If you didn’t go, or hear about it, the CDC hosted a Networking Night this past Monday night at Higgins House. It’s like LinkedIn for real life! I know talking to grown-ups is scary but it can be much more effective..

Twenty one employers and alumni stopped by to chat with students about their majors, careers, and possible job opportunities. I actually spoke to a friend after the event (who I may or may not have dragged down to the event..) about his experience and it was all positive. Zach is a BME major and he talked with someone in the industry about graduate school vs. industry and received a unique perspective. ” The employer gave me an awesome perspective and now I have a contact in the exact industry I plan on entering”, Zach said.

This experience wasn’t just for Zach but for the other forty-one students who stopped by. The room was packed until we closed up at 8PM, so I could only imagine the experiences and connections that were made by the students, alumni, and employers.

When our next Networking Night comes around, don’t shy away! It is an amazing place to have casual conversations with hard working professionals and alumni about their experiences and how they can help you.


If you have any questions about networking, the upcoming Career Fair, or any sort of career question, reach out to the Peer Advisors so we can help! Our email is and we are always willing to help.


Have a great day!


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