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Hello there!

I hope everyone had a successful career fair yesterday. This time, there were 185 companies represented and over 2,000 students attended. Did anyone notice that Facebook was there? It shows you how awesome WPI is – in particular, it shows you how great the CDC is at developing relationships with employers.

Now that it’s almost March, recruiting is in full swing. If you haven’t started submitting applications yet, START. Although some companies don’t post positions until later on, you don’t want to miss out on all the opportunities that are out there right now. And if you need help with any career-related topics, the CDC is here to help through our appointments, walk-ins, and workshops. There are some services that you might not know about, here is a list of some of CDC’s “hidden” gems:

  • Workshops – any organization can request a workshop through TechSync (the link can be found here: https://www.wpi.edu/offices/cdc/reques31.html) and these workshops can be tailored towards the group (e.g. the BME honor society can request a workshop to find bio-related opportunities or sports teams can request a workshop on how to market their athletic skills).
  • Employer business card database – any employer who’s come to WPI (whether for an info-session, table sitting, career fair, networking night, etc.) and has left their business card, their scanned business card is available for you to access on the computers in the CDC lobby in case you need to find a contact.
  • Resume books – if you agree to be entered into “Employer Resume Searches” in the “Privacy” tab of your personal profile on Job Finder, this enters your resume into “Resume Books” which employers can purchase access to; a lot of employers use these to find potential candidates for their positions. You can also agree to be entered into national resume databases for employers who might not have a relationship with WPI yet to also see your resume.
  • Resume critiques – in addition to coming in for a 15 minute walk in or a 30 min counseling appointment, you can also send in your resume to cdc@wpi.edu and a counselor will send you back a critique within 4 business days.
  • Info sessions – employers host many information sessions for you to learn more about their companies and employment opportunities they have; these are a great way to express your interest and start forming a relationship with them; these info sessions can be seen on Job Finder’s “Events tab.”

Remember, the CDC is here for you! We have plenty of resources that can help you throughout your career development process.

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