Thankful for Thank You Notes!

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Hey Friends,

This week’s post is a reminder for you to be constantly writing Thank you Notes! Whether it be after the Career Fair, a Job Interview, a Company Info Session, or a Networking Night, thank you notes are so important!

The first step is to remember to ask for contact information for whoever you are speaking with. Asking for a business card, or even asking them to write down their name and email address will help you later when you want to send that note. Additionally, it makes the employer realize that you are seriously interested in them and are hoping to continue communication in the future!

You should try to write your thank you note within a day or two of speaking with the person. The more fresh your conversation is, the easier time you’ll have writing the note, and the employer is more likely to remember who you are! Including something that you specifically spoke about can also help to jog their memory!

For more tips and tricks for writing great thank you notes, check out the tipsheet at

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