Job Offer Time Crunch

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OMG YAY I got a job offer!

Wait, I only have 5 days to respond?

I have interviews in a couple weeks, that’s not enough time!

If this happened to you recently, don’t fret! The CDC is to help you with all your job offer and negotiations issues and concerns. This is actually pretty common for a lot of students getting job and internship offers around this time of year(it happened to me a month ago!).

Luckily, we have policies in place that work in your favor! For job offers, the CDC place expectations on employers that follow NACE guidelines.

For job and internship offers given in the fall recruitment cycle, it is recommended that employers provide a decision deadline of 12/1 or later. For offers given near or after 12/1, the CDC expects employers to give the student at least 2-4 weeks to make a choice.

Give a look at the Employer Policies page for full Employer expectations from the CDC. Link: .

Send a message to the Peer Advisors if you have any questions! Our email alias is

Your friendly neighborhood Peer Advisor,


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