Virtual Biotechnology, Health, & Life Sciences Career Fair 2/7

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Interested in biotech, health, and life sciences? Looking for an internship, co-op, or job? You’re in luck! Noon-5PM online on 2/7 is the perfect opportunity.

The Virtual Biotech, Health, and Life Sciences Career Fair is structured online, and accessible from any mobile or internet device. It is recommended that you create an account in advance. You will enter the event at 12:00pm and then choose which employer representatives to get in a queue for a chat room, where you will speak one-on-one with an employer representative about your background and interests, similar to an in person career fair. It is recommended to prepare a few written sentences about yourself, as usually the first question is to share a bit about yourself and interests. In addition, think of questions to ask specific employers, making sure you do your research ahead of time. A list of companies participating in the event can be found in Handshake’s Fairs tabs.

Virtual Bio fair

Below are some FAQs, but if you have any additional questions, the CDC is here to help.

1. How does the Virtual Career Fair Work?

The Virtual Fair is a Text-Based career fair allowing students to chat with employers from any internet connected device and from any location.

2. Is it true that there is no video component to this career fair, no one will see what I am wearing?

Correct. This fair is text only.

3. Is it complicated to attend?

Not at all! Create an account and fill out the registration form at ‘Student Registration Page’. Make sure to select your school and to use your .edu email, as well as your full, formal name, and your major.

Make sure your profile is as complete as possible; it will help employers to understand more about you as they speak with you

Explore/Prepare – Log on anytime before the event to research employers attending and job and internship openings at each. Prepare as if you were going to an in-person fair.

Attend/Participate – On the event date and time, login and join the live sessions from anywhere. Join the “line” at companies you are interested in.

Connect – During the live event, you’ll be matched in one-on-one timed chats with the employers you choose.

4. How can I best be ready for the actual text conversation with the employer?

Best practices include:

  •  Type out your specific intro paragraph and questions for each employer you want to speak with. This way you will be ready to start when it is your turn and you will impress the employers with your preparation.
  • Spell check and grammar check your texts as well. Be careful of short hand – be professional. You are not texting a good friend.
  • As for all other types of fairs, know why you are “at” each booth you attend. Know the company, what they are recruiting for and how you fit.
  • Make sure the questions you ask are not easily found on the website and that you actually want to know the answers – don’t waste your time or that of the employer.

5. Will the employer be chatting with more than one student at a time?

Yes. The employer may have up to 5 chats going at a time. This means that the line of 15 people will not actually take 150 minutes to allow you to chat. It also means that you can be chatting with more than one employer at once.

6. Will the employers know who I am during the fair?

Yes, the employers will have access to your resume (part of the registration process) and many may also be checking you out on LinkedIn so make sure if you have a LinkedIn profile it is up to date.

You must prepare as if you were going to an in-person career fair… do you your homework on each employer. Be ready to engage.

7. What happens after the conversation? Do I just go on to the next?

When the conversation ends, you will get a popup screen – “Rate this Conversation” and a Notes section. This is for you so you can keep track of your day of conversations. The employer will get a similar pop-up. You will not be able to see each other’s comments.

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