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Hi all!


I wanted to give you all a few pro tips to help in your job search and make you as visible to employers as possible!


Pro Tip 1: Upload your resume into Handshake!

You may say, “why do I have to upload my resume to Handshake when my profile has all of the same information anyways?”

Valid point, however, what you are missing out on is the resume books that are exported from Handshake and provided to employers! As time in the term starts winding down, employers look for easy ways to look over a bunch of resumes as once so they turn to the resume books!


Pro Tip 2: Make your resume visible!

Uploading your resume is very easy, just log into your Handshake account at wpi.joinhandshake.com, go to “Documents” under “My Profile” on the left side of the screen, click “Add Document” and choose the file from your computer you wish to upload. It’s that simple! From there, make sure it says that your resume is visible, as that allows from employers to see it.


Pro Tip 3: Check your User Settings!

To ensure that employers can see your resume, be sure to check your User Settings and have the box clicked that says “Allow employers to be able to find and view my profile” so that the employers can see you and your resume!!

From here, employers may reach out to you personally, without you even reaching out, if your resumes are on file!


If you have any questions, send a message to Jeffrey or I at cdcpeeradvisors17@wpi.edu.

Good luck and happy job searching!


Your friendly neighborhood Peer Advisor,

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