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Hi Everyone,

My name is Ali and along with my lovely team members, I will be serving as one of the Peer Advisors at the CDC this year. I was born in Quetta, Pakistan and have since then moved around and changed 13 schools before coming to WPI! So, if you ever need any travel advice or a rundown of all the different types of food we have in Pakistan, I am your guy!

Apart from food advice, I have also lately been trying to guide my peers on matters related to the CDC and how we can help in your career search. I first became involved with the CDC during discovering majors and careers in my freshman year which not only helped me in deciding my major but also got me started on my job applications by helping me form a professional resume, practice elevator pitch e.t.c. For the past 2 years I was part of the Front Desk Team at the CDC which allowed me to meet and help out new students every day. As a peer advisor, I am looking forward to continuing my role in helping my fellow students and in the process, learn a few new tricks myself!

As a senior, I will be going through the exciting yet painstaking process of Job Search as well! My advice to you all would be to start your internship/job search process as soon as possible! The early you start, the more wiggle room you have to refine all of your application materials. Trust me, I have been on both sides of the spectrum and it is wayyy better to start early and not have another scary deadline on top of all the strenuous WPI work!

If you are unsure about when/how to start the process stop by the CDC or email cdcpeeradvisors18@wpi.edu and one of us will be glad to help you out. Best of luck for A-term and enjoy this picture of Chicken Biryani which is one my favourite foods!



May the odds be forever in your favor!


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I am a Mechanical Engineering Senior with a minor in ECE. On campus, I serve as a Resident Advisor and Peer Advisor for the CDC. In the past, I have also acted as the President for the Model UN club and the Squash Club! I have a passion for travelling, exploring new cultures and trying new food!

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  1. jrlocke says:

    Wow this was very helpful and informative! Thanks Ali!

  2. Lauren Farris says:

    Ali, can you bring chicken biryani to a meeting next term?

  3. Van Harting says: