Eligibility & the Application Process

Graduate students both MS and PhD in disciplines ranging from chemical sciences (chemistry, biology, physics, engineering) to data sciences (computing, business analytics, statistics, mathematics) interested in convergence research related to the advancement of circular economies are invited to apply to become CEDAR trainees to participate in this interdisciplinary CEDAR traineeship program at WPI.

We offer 30 Ph.D.-level CEDAR fellowships. Ph.D. students that are U.S. citizens or legal U.S. residents can in addition apply to be funded as prestigious CEDAR fellows by this NSF project grant. CEDAR fellows will be funded with a highly competitive full 12-month stipend, tuition, health insurance, with full access to additional opportunities. In the event you are not offered CEDAR fellowship funding, you are still eligible to participate as a trainee and receive funding via other sources. 

Beyond joining a community of scholars and partake in the forward-looking curriculum, research and professional development opportunities, all CEDAR trainees are eligible to apply for project funding including travel funding, patent fees, and other project costs annually.

To become CEDAR trainee and/or CEDAR fellow, you need to apply and be admitted into one of the participating departments or programs in chemical sciences (chemistry, biology, physics, engineering such as chemical, civil and material engineering) or data sciences (data science, computer science, business analytics, statistics, mathematical sciences), while also submitting an application expressing your interest via the APPLY button below to the CEDAR committee.

 Your application submitted via the APPLY button above should contain the following information:
1. First and last name
2. WPI ID if available
3. Email address
4. Phone number
5. Citizenship: U.S. citizen, legal resident, or not
6. Funding (interested in being funded by CEDAR, already TA or RA for department D, etc)
7. Department affiliation
8. Education: Have BS in major D from university U
9. Status (applying for fall 2021 for Phd studies in major Y at WPI, already admitted to WPI, already at WPI as MS student since 2019, etc)
10. Description of your interest in CEDAR, what kind of research you would like to pursue, and why.
11. Mention which CEDAR faculty, if any, you would be interested to potentially be working with as research advisor, and if or if not you have already communicated with that faculty
12.Description of anything you would like to add about your past experiences that may either prepare you for or is within the theme of the NRT CEDAR project?

Note: If you are an existing WPI student, please also submit your informal WPI transcript with your CEDAR Application.