CMPD generates and manages in-process, transient materials property data used in process modeling and simulation.

  • The center creates access to greater amounts of high-quality, pre-competitive data at substantially lower cost than stand-alone methods can provide.
  • Member organizations benefit from shared expertise, collaborative quality assurance, and development and use of best practices for qualifying data needed for modeling materials.
  • CMPD is member-driven; its portfolio of projects is determined by the membership.
  • It will be the premiere platform for accessing pedigreed materials data and sharing the cost of generating new data for use as input to existing and new models.

Center Goals

  • Generate transient data for easy input into design and manufacturing models.
  • Mine information from raw data collected from known reputable sources.
  • Verify experimental and computational data and related models for pedigree.
  • Validate existing and newly developed models with various data sources.
  • Disseminate raw data and application information to consortium members.
  • Educate today’s workforce and tomorrow’s leaders on the use of integrated computational materials engineering.


CMPD Membership Benefits

  • Bi-annual meetings
  • Networking
  • Access to rare data in research areas that span from cold gas-dynamic spray to materials informatics to powder metallurgy, and more. CMPD aims to engage in research that has real-world impact.

Projects will include the generation of transient materials properties to be used in material process models. Examples: viscosity, emissivity, heat transfer coefficients as functions of temperature.