CMPD provides a collaborative research environment. Members play a crucial role in determining which research areas to pursue and what data will be acquired.

Further benefits enjoyed by members:

  • Research projects are member-driven.
  • Members submit and vote on projects undertaken by the center.
  • Members have royalty-free IP rights to pre-competitive research.
  • Members have the option of paying to sponsor proprietary projects through the center.
  • Research and results are shared with members at bi-annual workshops.
  • Training on research technology is available to all members.

Areas of expertise:

  • Cold gas-dynamic spray: modeling and characterization
  • Computational thermodynamic and kinetic modeling
  • Concept development, design, and implementation of materials data programs
  • Content structures and taxonomies for materials information
  • Deformation-driven phase transformations
  • Electronic materials
  • Functional materials
  • Light metals – Al, Mg, Ti
  • Materials data development, management, and networking
  • Materials informatics
  • Materials modeling
  • Metal processing
  • Microstructural characterization
  • Powder metallurgy: modeling and characterization
  • Program development, outreach, and communications for collaborative projects
  • Rapid solidification: metallic glasses, additive manufacturing
  • Resource recovery and recycling