CMPD’s Director

Danielle Cote

danielleAssistant Research Professor, Materials Science & Engineering
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Phone: 508-831-5000
B.S., Chemical Engineering
Ph.D., Materials Science & Engineering
Research Areas: (1) Computational thermodynamic and kinetic modeling; (2) Powder metallurgy – modeling and characterization; and (3) Cold gas-dynamic spray – modeling and characterization



CMPD’s Core Research Staff and Professionals

Pamir Alpay

PamirProfessor and Department Head, Materials Science & Engineering
University of Connecticut
Phone: 860-486-4621
B.S., Metallurgical Engineering
M.S., Metallurgical & Materials Engineering
Ph.D., Materials Science & Engineering
Research Areas: (1) Materials modeling; (2) Functional materials; and (3) Electronic materials


Diran Apelian

diranAlcoa-Howmet Professor of Engineering
Director, Metal Processing Institute
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Phone: 508-831-2883
B.S., Metallurgical Engineering
Sc.D., Materials Science & Engineering
Research Areas: (1) Light metals – Al, Mg, Ti; (2) Resource recovery and recycling; and (3) Metal processing


Lawrence Berardinis

larrySenior Manager, Computational Materials Data Network
ASM International
Phone: 440-338-5562
B.S., Electrical Engineering, Physics Minor
M.S., Solid-State Microelectronics
Technical Interests: (1) Materials data development, management, and networking; and (2) Program development, outreach, and communications for collaborative projects


Scott Henry

scottSenior Content Engineer
ASM International
Phone: 440-338-5706
B.A., English Literature
M.A., English Literature
Technical Interests: (1) Content structures and taxonomies for materials information; and (2) Concept development, design, and implementation of materials data programs


Krishna Rajan

krishnaErich Bloch Chair, Department of Materials Design and Innovation
University at Buffalo – The State University of New York
Phone: 716-645-1380
B.A.Sc., Metallurgy and Materials Science
Sc.D., Materials Science
Research Areas: (1) Materials informatics; and (2) Microstructural characterization



Rainer Hebert

rainerCastleman Term Associate Professor for Engineering Innovation
Director, Additive Manufacturing Innovation Center (in partnership with Pratt & Whitney)
University of Connecticut
Phone: 860-486-3155
Diploma, Physics
Ph.D., Materials Science & Engineering
Research Areas: (1) Rapid solidification – metallic glasses, additive manufacturing; and (2) Deformation-driven phase transformations



CMPD’s Research Assistant

Bryer Sousa

Graduate Research Assistant, US Army Research Lab & The Cote Research Group
Doctoral Student, Materials Science & Engineering Program
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
B.A., Mathematics
Ph.D. Student, Materials Science & Engineering
Research Areas: (1) Nanomechanical behavior of materials – experimentation and theory; (2) Computational thermodynamic and kinetic modeling; (3) Advanced manufacturing; and (4) Powder metallurgy