Copper Separation from Steel

The primary objective of this project is to remove Tin and Copper impurities from steel melts. During the melting from steel scrap, copper and tin impurities in the melt cannot be removed by conventional methods. The development of a method to remove these more noble metals from the melt would allow an increase of use of End of life scrap, where there is a considerable copper content. This work will focus on Literature review to understand the impact of Cu and Sn impurities on steel scrap remelting and recycling and available current pathways for their removal. Also it is desired to estimate the cost and the value of impurity removal and its impact on steel scrap recycling. This project is collecting dominant sample materials needing recycle from SMS Group and other sources, e.g. prior to melting, metal and slag samples during the melting. The project includes understanding the association of Cu and Sn with steel in various samples.