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Echo360 recently moved to a new platform and this has affected the way it appears on your course sites.


This post will explain how students can access the course videos from Canvas, how they can interact with the videos and how you can see what they are doing.

First, all videos are available through the Echo360 class capture button, as shown here.

Once they click on the Echo360 Class Capture button, they’re taken to the Echo360 interface within Canvas.
It shows all the videos.

To play a video, students click on the row of the video they want. The video should start playing.
Or they can click on the green arrow button. From the drop down menu, they can choose view.



Below is the player window. You can see the player controls at the bottom of the window. On the top left are three buttons.  The top one, which looks like a bulleted list, allows viewers to “exit the classroom”. This takes you back to the homepage for Echo360 within Canvas.



(A quick translation: Echo360 considers videos to be “classes”. When you are watching from the player interface, you are in a “classroom”.)



Below the bulleted list on the top left you can see two thought bubbles and a flag. These are student interaction buttons. By clicking on them, students can write down their questions or raise the red flag of confusion at specific points in the video’s timeline.

Here’s the neat thing. You as the instructor can see your student’s points of confusion as well as their questions.

Echo360’s new platform (I mentioned at the beginning it’s new) has an analytics capability. When you’re at the homepage for Echo360 within Canvas, you can see an analytics option on the top right.





If you click on that, you can see a variety of analytics, like how many times your video has been viewed, if any confusing areas have been flagged, and if any questions have been asked.

For more information on Echo360’s analytics, click here.

Finally, students have the option to download your videos, unless you turn off this option. (You can turn off this option in settings, which is next to analytics on the top right.)



To download a video, students click on the green button with the arrow on it. That releases a drop down menu and students select “Download original”.

I hope this has been a helpful introduction to the way Echo360 appears in your course site. As always, if you have any questions, feel free to email me at Happy recording!

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Sophie Jagannathan is the Educational Media Coordinator at Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

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