Viewing + downloading Echo360 videos in Canvas

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This post will explain how students can view and download Echo360 course videos from Canvas.

First, all videos are available through the Echo360 class capture button. This is on the left-side menu.

Once they click on the Echo360 Class Capture button, they’re taken to the Echo360 interface within Canvas.
It shows all the videos.

To play a video, students click on the row of the video they want or they can click on the green arrow button. From the drop down menu, they can choose view.

The player window looks like the image below. To get back to the list of all the videos, click on the icon that looks like a bulleted list, on the upper left.



If you choose, students can download your videos.  To access this option they need to click on the green button with the arrow on it. That releases a drop down menu and students select “Download original”.  Students have the option to download your videos, unless you turn off this option. (You can turn off this option in settings, which is next to analytics on the top right.)



But what if you want videos incorporated into modules?

To incorporate a video into a module, you can either post a public link or you can post embed code.

A public link is a link that plays without requiring logging in to echo360.  Public links can be added as an external URL content item to a module. To create a public link,  click on the green button on the row of the video of your choice.

Choose details.


This brings you to the player window. Just below the video window, you can see the Sharing tab. Click on it.


This is where you can find the options to generate a public link. Click “Add Public Link” to create the public link.  You can then paste this as a content item into a module.


Or, if you’d like to embed the code into a page, you can click on Embed. Then click on copy.


 You can create a new page for the embed code or edit an already existing page. Once you’re in a page, click on HTML editor.


From here, you can paste the embed code. Then click save and publish.



I hope this has been a helpful introduction to sharing and downloading your course videos in Canvas. As always, if you have any questions, feel free to email me at

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Sophie Jagannathan is the Educational Media Coordinator at Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

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