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Haven’t you always wanted a grand English country house with a dedicated library? Well, now you’ve got one! A dedicated library, I mean. The dedicated library I’m referring to is your personal library on Echo360.

The personal library on Echo360 is a repository for all the videos “owned” by you. This includes lecture captures recorded in a classroom, your personal capture recordings, or any other video file you may have uploaded to the system. All users of Echo360 have their own library and since Echo360 is licensed for the community, if you are in instructor, student or administrator,  you too can have your own library.

The library shows a thumbnail of each video along with the title and date of creation in a grid fashion. You can search the library through referencing the video’s title or by using one of the filters.


But the beauty of the library is what you can do with the videos after you’ve found the one you want. You can share it. By clicking on the chevron on the top right of the thumbnail, you can access options.


If you choose share, you can share it with a course.

The form allows you to choose which of your courses you want to share it with. After you’ve picked that, tell it you want this video to constitute a new “class”. (Echo360 basically thinks of videos as classes.) Give the “class” (aka your video) a name, then you can ignore the start date/time/duration if you just want the video to be available now.


Clicking “publish” at the bottom of this form (not pictured) makes it available in your course site.

Sharing is just one of the fun things you can do in your personal library. You can also download, edit and rename your videos. But stay tuned! In early 2019 the personal library is getting a makeover.

My favorite aspect of this make-over is increased searchability of your videos. (Hey – some of us have a ton of videos in there!) Soon, finding the video you need will be even easier.

If you would like to learn more about your personal library, please come to the Educational Media Community of Practice meeting on December 18th at 10am in the campus center. As always, if you have any questions please let us know by emailing Happy Capturing!

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Sophie Jagannathan is the Educational Media Coordinator at Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

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