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Interested in recording instructional video for your students? Canvas has a built in tool for doing just that. It’s called Studio.

If you click on the Studio button on the left hand menu of your course site, you’ll be taken to the “home” page for the videos that are or will be associated with your course.

Before you record, I always tell people to click on the three blue lines – a hamburger button – on the top left.


Why? Because clicking on this hamburger button releases a drop-down menu. In this menu, you’ll find MyUploads. Click it.

MyUploads is the home for all the videos that belong to you – not just the ones affiliated with this particular course. It just seems easier to keep track of your videos from one home site. So I recommend navigating to MyUploads first.

Once you’re in MyUploads, you can record. You’ll notice that the top right has the Record, Add and Search buttons.  Record opens up the recording application and Add opens up an upload window into which you can drop video files.


Canvas Studio is useful for creating screen captures (videos of you narrating a powerpoint, for example). It also has a drawing feature, in case you need to write equations while you talk.

When you’re done, choose to upload or cancel the recording. Once uploaded, you can share these videos out to students via modules or pages. Videos aren’t available in clusters, like they are in other applications. Videos have to be shared individually as you build modules or pages.

To share a Studio video via a module, first click on Modules on the left side menu in Canvas. Then you can add a module item. The type of module item you want is External Tool.

Once associated with a module or page, you can see who has watched the video and when. These heatmaps give you interesting information about your video and the viewing patterns it generated.

If you have any questions about using Canvas Studio to create videos for your course, please email

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