Adding Canvas Studio Video to a Module

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Once you’ve uploaded video to Canvas Studio, you will want to share it with your students.

Videos are shared individually, in modules. This blog post will show you how to add a Studio video into a module.

  1. Add a module item. Find the module to which you want to add your video and click the plus button.


2. Choose Module Item Type.

Clicking the plus button brings up a window that is basically asking you to determine what kind of module item you want to add. The kind of module item is External tool.

3. Choose the External Tool.

As soon as you click the external tool item type, your external tool options appear. Choose Studio. Then click Add Item.

4. Choose the video.

The next pop up shows you all the videos you’ve uploaded to your Canvas Studio collection.

Select one.

5. Embed the Video.

Once you select the video you want, you’ll be able to Embed the video by clicking the Embed button on the bottom right.


You’ll notice the embed options. You can either keep the comments enabled or disable them with the “Allow Comments” toggle switch.

6. Confirm Add Item.

Now that you’ve selected the kind of external tool item and picked your video, click Add Item again. This moves the video into your module as an item.

But wait – there’s more. It moves it into your module with the name of the External Tool type. You’ll want to edit that module item and give it a new name – the name of your video.

7. Rename the Module Item. 

Click the column of three dots and choose edit.


Here, you can input a new name for the video. Click update.


8. Publish!

Lastly, don’t forget to publish the video by clicking the circle to the right with the line through it and making it green!

If you have any questions about sharing your video using Canvas Studio, feel free to email

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