FRC 190 Team Philosophy

FRC 190 is the First Robotics Team at Massachusetts Academy of Math and Science at WPI. This team includes junior and senior students from MAMS, college mentors from WPI, and WPI professors as Uber Mentors. It is open to any student at Mass Academy or WPI, and any student whose school doesn’t have a team.

There are two parts to our philosophy: the FRC part and the 190 part.

The FRC Part:

FIRST is a program “For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology.” Team 190’s mentors strive to inspire their high school counterparts and the high school students do their part to inspire them in return.

Team 190 also does many demos to show local kids how interesting science and technology can be.

More information on demos

The 190 Part:

Team 190 has gone through several different team philosophies, including “designed, built, and run by students,” and “competitively innovative.” For the past few years, 190’s philosophy has been “innovatively competitive.”

More about 190 history

Team 190 also has a “Wow over Win” philosophy. The students strive to have the most innovative robots, even if they are not the most competitive. This can mean anything from a creative design to a creative interpretation of the rules. An example of this is our 2008 robot, which was banned after a few competitions of an “unfair” yet extremely effective strategy.