Team Structure

The team is led by Ken Stafford. He is a professor of robotics at WPI and oversees all of the team’s actions. He is assisted by advisors Colleen Shaver and Brad Miller, as well as a director of operations, who is a college student mentor from WPI.  To represent our students we have two high school co-captains, one high school junior and one high school senior, who are elected by the other high school students.  Underneath these leaders are the Chiefs of Mechanical, Controls, Spirit, Awards, Tactics, and Media.  Chiefs can be either college mentors of high school students and are tasked with ensuring that all tasks under their respective categories are completed. Each day, there is a meeting in which the Chiefs report to the team what has been accomplished that day. Under the Chief of Mechanical there are also chiefs of individual subsystems of the robot.  These chiefs report to the Chief of Mechanical and are in charge of coordinating the construction of their subsystems.  Together, the students and mentors work hard throughout the build season to create a successful robot and an enthusiastic team for the competition season.