On this web page, there are a number of tutorials and guides to walk you through a the important things you should know about making a game. In addition, each topic has assignments to help you practice your skills and push yourself to the next level. These weekly guides include:

Make it Move!

You can’t have a game without giving the player something to control! Using Adobe Fuse and Mixamo, we will guide you through a simple way to create a player character for a game, and giving them some fun animations, including walking, running, idling, and jumping! You will have free reign to create whatever character you want for your game, so let your imagination run wild!

Make some Noise

Sound is one of the most important parts of your game. No one wants to be walking around in complete silence! Using a software called Reaper, we’ll walk you through creating a looping music track for your game, as well as recording your own audio to match with your animations, such as walking, running, and giving your character a victory yell!

Make it Work!

 The code is the skeleton of the game. You can have a pretty environment and a cool looking character, but nothing will work unless you program it! We’ll start with a simple programming language called Scratch, where you’ll learn how to make a menu that reacts to your players button presses and create images on the screen to tell the player important information, like their characters health, money, etc. And if Scratch is too simple for you, we’ll have guides on using the programming tools in the Unity engine to help you make more robust and complicated systems.

Put it all Together!

Just like a car, a game needs an engine to run it! Using one of the game engines that we’ve taught you, we’ll walk you through taking everything you’ve learned over the first several weeks and putting it into the engine and making it work! You’ll set up your character animations and add sound to them, create an environment for your player to interact with, and add music!