Effective September 2016, WPI now offers online graduate programs to Electric Boat! Click here to request more information. 


Electric Boat and WPI: Partners in Education Since 2003

In collaboration with Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Electric Boat employees have the opportunity to pursue advanced degrees via online learning. These degree programs are designed to provide you with practical skills and valuable knowledge to support your future career growth.

Join the many Electric Boat employees who have increased their skills, earned professional credentials, and demonstrated their value to the company by completing a master’s program in:

“Engineers improve their contribution to the Electric Boat team through advanced education. At the same time, an investment in personal development helps our employees achieve their career goals. We especially support this WPI Master’s Program because these specialized skills are both rare and in high demand.”

Greg Angelini, Director of Combat and Weapons Systems

We look forward to working with you! Request More Information on our programs today.

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