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Date archive for: December 2010

Library Flooding Update

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Due to the heavy rain this weekend and a drain blockage, the library experienced flooding, mainly on the 3rd and 2nd floors on Sunday December 12.  The issue is now under control and clean-up efforts are underway.  Tech Suite 217 and the print area were severly affected. Fortunately no print materials were damaged and the technology damage is being assessed.  Tech Suite 217 was closed, but was back in use by 3pm 12/13.  All current reservations have been moved to other rooms.

The Print area had been temporarily moved to the Helpdesk area in the front main entrance level near Academic Technology Center Offices, but was moved back in place Monday afternoon. Please check with the library Information Desk staff if you have questions (508)831-5410.

The Library administration wishes to recognize the students, staff and Campus Police who assisted during this emergency situation. We appreciate Facilities staff for their quick response and clean-up efforts. Lynn Loftus, Evening/Weekend Research & Instruction librarian commended the student employees. They were incredibly helpful in keeping the desk running, handling complaints, and providing outstanding customer service. The Helpdesk and library staff worked quickly to move the printing and scanning equipment to a new temporary location. Sean O’Connor,  Assistant Vice President of Information Security and Networking came in to help out. Also, students studying in the building stepped in to assist moving equipment from water damaged areas. We appreciate everyone’s efforts.

New Books: December 2010

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New Books – December 2010

Non-fiction (print):

Handbook of Educational Data Mining
edited by Cristobal Romero, Sebastian Ventura, Mykola Pechenizkiy, Ryan Baker 

Note: Ryan Baker is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Social Science and Policy Studies – Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

Treading Softly: paths to ecological order by Thomas Princen.

Last Stand: Custer, Sitting Bull, and the Battle of the Little Bighorn by Nathaniel Philbrick

Unbroken : a World War II story of survival, resilience, and redemption by Laura Hillenbrand, author of the book Seabiscuit.

Non-Fiction (e-books):

Best Android Apps: The Guide for Discriminating Downloaders by Mike Hendrickson and Brian Sawyer 

 iPhone 3D Programming by Philip Rideout

 Gamestorming by Dave Gray; Sunni Brown; James Macanfo 

Fiction (print):

Zakary’s zombies : a fairy tale by James Dempsey (published recently)

Note: James Dempsey is Administrator of Literary Studies and Adjunct Instructor of English at Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Crossfire by James Patterson

Warlord by Ted Bell

There are many more e-books and print books at Gordon Library, check them out!