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Date archive for: January 2013

Where to Study in Gordon Library: From the Perspective of a Student Employee

Posted in In and Around the Library

Posted by: Alexandra Mutty, Library Student Supervisor.

As a library student worker, I’d like to think I have the low down on all the hot spots in the library to go for hanging out or studying. Below is a table of my views on all the main spots of the library, in no particular order.





2nd floor tables,

computers & Cafe

– Good for in-between class study time– Easy to find people, work in groups– Near the café and vending machines

– Café has comfortable seating

– Loud– Crowded– Hard to find a computer/seat

– A lot of people moving around the hour mark, not good for long study sessions

Tables on 3rd and Ground Floor

– A lot of space to spread out– Not as loud as 2nd floor– Often near outlets/Ethernet jacks – May have to share a table– A lot of group work, so it’s not always very quiet– Sometimes a bit chilly

Single Desks near windows

on 3rd and 1st floors

– Absolute Quiet– Guaranteed privacy/ single working space– Walls around will block out any distractions – Not a lot of room to spread out– In winter, being near windows is a bit chilly

White Cubicles on 3rd Floor

– Space to Spread Out– Privacy / unlikely to have to share– Outlets – Very popular, difficult to find an empty one

Multimedia Lab

– Computers have all the software needed for classes– Typically very quiet – Crowded– Not a lot of desk space

Ground Floor Computer Area

– Almost always has an open computer– Typically quiet – Not a lot of privacy/personal space–  Computers do not have a lot of software– Not a lot of desk space to do work

1st Floor Couch Area

– Comfortable – Quiet – No desk space– May have to share couch– Occasional sleepers on the large couches

        My personal favorite: the ground floor tables by the windows. You have a view, an outlet, relative quiet, and often times can snag an entire table for yourself. To be sure to keep that table to yourself, you can grab the “I Prefer To Study Alone” signs at the front desk of the library and scatter them all over the table.

                So next time you’re sitting down for a study session, remember this blog post. Take it with you. Let it guide you to the perfect study spot.