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4-H Rockets to the Rescue event hosted by Gordon Library

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4 h rocket blog picOn Wednesday, October 22nd, Gordon Library hosted an event in partnership with the 4-H Youth Development Program of UMass Extension, the Center for Agriculture. Despite a very rainy evening, the event was well attended by club members and families interested in participating in 4-H. The library showcased some treasures from the Archives, including Robert Goddard’s lab coat and his briefcase along with a selection of metal parts from his experimental rockets. A brief history of rocketry was given by Jackie Mushinsky and several WPI students spoke about their project work at WPI. The 4-H robotics club, whose leader is a WPI senior, demonstrated the robot that the club members built and used in several competitions during the past year. Kim Pond, UMass Extension Educator and 4-H S.E.T. Liaison, led a hands-on project, where those attending built “stomp rockets” and had a chance to try them out. The launch apparatus is made from 2 liter bottles and plastic tubing – very creative! All involved enjoyed an evening that was both educational and fun!

Links are included below to more information relevant to the event:

4-H National Youth Science Day:

Robert Goddard:


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  1. Wow Jackie, this is great! Thank you so much for being such a wonderful partner with this project and with all your involvements with 4-H. It was a great opportunity for our new Worcester area 4-H Robotics Club, Team WARP, to share their amazing talents and skills. Their club leader, Joe Gallagher, is the WPI student that you refer to in your blog. His knowledge and enthusiasm for robotics is quite a testament to the WPI community. Thanks so much for everything! It was a great way to help celebrate National Youth Science Day. 🙂


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