Combine Heating and Cooling Plan at the Brent Civic Centre

Sponsor: Brent Council Brent Group
Sponsor Liaison: Anis Robinson
Student Team: Alexander Bragdon, Max Levine, Austin Roberto, Joseph Tomaino
Abstract: The Brent Council aims to further increase the energy-efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the CCHP biofuel engine powering the Brent Civic Centre. Under the supervision of the Council’s Energy Manager, Anís Robinson, we, the WPI project team, have analysed the Council’s existing data regarding the engine and the Civic Centre’s energy consumption to determine best-use cases for the engine. We have developed deliverable tools for the Council to facilitate future cost-benefit and energy-saving analyses regarding the operation of the CCHP.
Link: Access restricted given proprietary nature of findings

Executive Summary

Access restricted given proprietary nature of findings