Evaluating the Enlightenment Gallery at the British Museum


Sponsor: British Museum
Sponsor Liaison: Stuart Frost
Student Team: Henry Ball, Maryna Ilyanok, Maxwell Smith, Nathaniel Westfall
Abstract: In this project, we researched the engagement and retention of visitors at The
British Museum, specifically in the Enlightenment Gallery (Room 1). Our findings
are based on data gathered from interviews with subject matter experts, visitor
observation, and visitor survey responses. We used a custom computer
program, observational notes, and a survey deployed through Qualtrics. Through
this, we were able to evaluate the efficacy of exhibit design on visitor
engagement, information retention, and the associated how and why. We then
used our findings to make recommendations for museums in general, our
sponsor The British Museum, and for any future gallery evaluation projects. In
the supplemental materials booklet, we supplied the code for the tracking
program and the questions in our survey.

Final Presentation

Evaluating the Enlightenment Exhibit at the British Museum Booklet

Supplementary Materials