WPI’s Active Learning Classrooms

Nancy Burnham’s PH 1110 class in IS 203-205

Active Learning Classrooms (ALCs) are flexible spaces that enable faculty and students to more fully realize the benefits of student-centered pedagogies and classroom engagement techniques such as collaborative and cooperative learning, team-based learning, problem- and project-based learning. The room design, flexible furniture, and technology all combine to foster interactive learning experiences. The Innovation Studio has three ALCs that offer:

  • learning environments that encourage student collaboration.
  • technology that allows students to easily present work to peers and instructors.
  • flexible, movable furniture designed to facilitate group work of diverse sizes.
  • the ability for faculty to seamlessly transition between presentation mode and student group work

Each room contains:

  • 4 projectors and screens that allow for projecting unique images to each screen
  • Solstice “PODs” that enable faculty-controlled, wireless screen-sharing from any device (laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc.) to any or all screens
  • Flexible, movable tables and chairs that can be arranged in various combinations with seat capacity of 64, 56, or 112 when two rooms are combined
  • Multiple whiteboard surfaces
  • Lightweight, movable instructor “podium” for use with instructor-provided laptop or ATC-provided tablet
  • Wireless lavalier and hand-held microphones for voice amplification
  • Echo360 lecture capture capability

floor plan of Rm 105 in Innovation Studio

Floor plan of IS 105