At WPI, we know that the best way for students to understand and appreciate societal issues is to experience them firsthand. Through our Global Projects Program, WPI science, engineering, and business students immerse themselves in new cultures and tackle unstructured problems in ways that are meaningful to local sponsors in real communities.

There is a substantial body of scholarly evidence that points to the importance of graduating globally competent students. WPI strongly believes in affording students the opportunity to study abroad. WPI has reached across geographic, cultural, and linguistic comfort zones in order to graduate globally competent students. Studies found that students with an international experience possess an employ-ability edge and the skills able to transcend cultural barriers.  Studying abroad contribute to the emergence of a new generation of truly global leaders and critical thinkers who have the confidence, empathy, and global mindfulness to adapt to a constantly shifting world.

Not Your Typical Study Abroad Program

Our Global Projects Program is not an ordinary study abroad experience—like everything else at WPI, it’s distinctive. Regardless where you chose to go, it’s the experience that takes you further—you’ll work to make a profound impact to communities and organizations, and come back a different person than you were before.