Industry Opportunities

MPI Industry Opportunities

The MPI Internship Program provides industry access to a talented pool of students training to be future engineering professionals.

Some of the industry benefits of the internship program include:

  • Members work with mature engineering talent capable of taking on responsible assignments in a professional work environment (all interns have at least a B.S. degree.)
  • For-credit thesis and graduate project work can be oriented toward the program interests of the sponsoring member. This provides results in areas that might not otherwise be addressed by regular full-time staff members.
  • The program helps maintain an infusion of new talent. Students and employers make early assessments of each other without making initial long-term commitments.
  • Valuable linkages are created between the academic and professional worlds. The program strengthens employers’ contact with new ideas, viewpoints, and latest generation technologies.
  • The program improves access to the facilities and capabilities of MPI, including the expertise of the faculty, experimental facilities, computer support capabilities, databases, and library holdings.

How It Works

The Institute coordinates the process of bringing students and employers together. While placement is not guaranteed, every effort is made to find appropriate students to meet specific member requests. Final matching and selection are accomplished with direct interviews between the sponsor and student. If desired, a representative of the sponsoring member organization can serve on the student’s thesis committee along with three WPI faculty members.