2012 Projects

In B term 2012, Professor Dominic Golding advised six student teams conducting projects with Housing Nantucket, the Nantucket Energy Office, the Nantucket Atheneum, the Town and County Clerk, the Nantucket Department of Public Works, the Nantucket Board of Health, the Maria Mitchell Association, the Nantucket Historical Association, the Artists Association of Nantucket, the Dreamland Foundation, Nantucket Visitor Services and the Nantucket Chamber of Commerce.

We would like to thank all our project sponsors for making these collaborative research opportunities available to our students.  We thank Harvey Young of Young’s Bicycle Shop for generously providing the advisor and students with bicycles for the duration of their stay.  We would also like to thank Janet Schulte and her staff at the Maria Mitchell Association for providing student accommodation.

Photo Credit: Dominic Golding, 2012