Investigating Flood and Climate Change Perception in the Hutt Valley

2015 Project 2

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Project Abstract

Major floods pose a risk to the Hutt Valley due to surrounding geography and increased urbanization. Climate change models suggest flood impacts are likely to increase in the coming decades. Our project investigated public perception of flood risk and climate change in the Hutt Valley. To achieve this goal, we developed and conducted a public survey in collaboration with the Greater Wellington Regional Council. Based on the results of 202 face-to-face interviews with the Hutt Valley public, as well as five in-depth business interviews, we developed a set of awareness and education proposals to support the efforts of the regional council.

Student Team

  • Brett L Ammeson, CS
  • David Matthew Manhardt, EV
  • Scott D Olson, ME
  • Gregory S Stockman, ME


Greater Wellington Regional Council


  • Elmes, Michael B., MG
  • Hersh, Robert, ID