Band Camp Schedule

The schedule for band camp on a daily scale is still being finalized, however, shown below were the daily themes and nightly pepfuns from last year. Some of these, such as WPI Pride and Beach day, are likely going to stay the same over the years, so get hyped! The official schedule will be sent out when it is finalized either in late July or early August. 

Theme:WPI PrideHigh School/HometownHogwarts HouseBeach DayGreen DaySection Theme Day
Pepfun:Movie NightGame NightTrivia NightCampus-Wide Capture the flagTBACampus Tour

Sunday, 8/14 – WPI Pride!

Sunday’s theme will be WPI Pride! Feel free to wear any WPI t-shirts, hats, shorts, visors, sunglasses, lanyards, keychains, necklaces, wristwatches, etc. that you may have! Just remember to keep it cool and comfortable to march in. Sunday night, we’ll relax with a showing of a movie that is TBD.

Monday, 8/16 – Hometown Day!

Monday’s theme will be Highschool or hometown day! To help us get to know our fellow band members and where we’re all from dress up in something that represents where you’re from, whether it be your hometown or high school. In the evening, we’ll have some fun with a game night, so feel free to bring any board games or systems that you would like to play. Whether you prefer to play some cards or have some fun with some jackbox games, we’ll have something for everyone!

Tuesday, 8/17 – Hogwarts House!

Tuesday’s theme is Hogwarts house! Are you a Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Slytherin, or Gryffindor? Be sure to rep some colors for whatever your house is! At night, get ready for some PEP TRIVIA!!!! If you and your team are smart enough, you might even win a prize.

Wednesday, 8/18 – Beach Day!

Wednesday’s theme will be a beach day. Break out those bucket hats and Hawaiian shirts, and don’t forget your sunscreen! Wednesday night, with your newfound knowledge of campus from trivia night, we will have a campus-wide game of capture the flag.

Thursday, 8/19 – Green Day!

Thursday’s theme will be Green Day! Show up in some Green Day merch or in anything green! That night, we’ll chill out with a mysterious pep fun that is TBA. Stay tuned for more details.

Friday, 8/20 – Section Theme!

Friday’s theme will be a section theme. Throughout the week, your section will work on a skit to present to the band at the end of the week, and the section theme will tie into the skit that you create. It’ll be a surprise for everyone! That night we’ll have a campus tour. We’ll break up into groups and give all of our new members a tour of the WPI campus to answer any questions you may have about getting around campus.