Application Form

Application Instructions

Institutions interested in participating in the 2019 Institute on Project-Based Learning are required to complete an application form by no later than February 12, 2019. Notifications regarding acceptance will be sent to teams by no later than March 15, 2019.

Please review the following criteria before completing the application:

  • Each team must consist of a minimum of five members (including a designated leader).
  • If accepted, registration fees apply based on the criteria outlined here.
  • Institute applicants are required to submit a goal or specific project they want to address at the Institute. Details on the application components and selection criteria can be found here.
  • Authorization to participate from the President or Chief Academic Officer of the institution is required. The applicant will need to submit the name and email address of this individual within the application form.

Information you will want to have available in advance for completion of the application:

  • Approximate enrollment of your institution (undergraduate, master’s, doctoral).
  • Team leader and team members contact information.
  • Narrative statement (four sections with a maximum 2,000 characters with spaces for each section).

Application Form

The 2019 Application form is available here: click to view

Note: Information is automatically saved when moving from page to page in the application form.

Contact us: If you have any questions regarding this form, please contact Jana Yeaton at