Curricular Framework

curricular-framework-631x352The Institute curriculum is a mix of interactive workshops on project-based learning, consultations with experts, and collaborative teamwork. Teams will engage with institute faculty in project-based learning at workshops and in mentoring sessions focused on their proposed projects. Participants will develop curricular and organizational strategies tailored to their own institutions and will leave with practical action plans, examples of best practice, and relevant case studies to integrate project-based learning practices into varied academic curricula.

Institute Workshops

Teams will choose from a selection of interactive workshops to address their goals and ideas in areas such as:

            • Project-based learning as a first year and general education strategy
            • Partnering with external organizations for project-based learning
            • Student project team formation, development, and mentoring
            • Facilitating equity and inclusion in student teams
            • Integrating project-based learning into STEM courses
            • Feedback, evaluation, and assessment strategies for project-based learning
            • Project-based learning in major capstone
            • Faculty development for project-based learning
            • Long-term impacts of project-based learning
            • Institutional leadership and organizational support for project-based learning


Founding executive director of Georgetown’s Center for New Designs in Learning and Scholarship, Randy Bass is a thought leader in pedagogical research, and an authority on inquiry-based learning.

Learn more in this Q&A with Randy Bass.


From Planning to Campus Action

Teams will leave the Institute with an enhanced understanding of project-based learning and a tailored plan to advance work on their own campuses. Each team will deliver a concise presentation of its action plan to gather feedback and advice.

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