What to Expect

Through collaborative work, teams of faculty and administrators at the Institute develop strategies to integrate project-based learning into their own undergraduate curricula, whether in general education or in the major, in one department or across the campus. Each team will be assigned an Institute faculty member who will work with them to coach them through the process.

Institute faculty will use proven materials and examples to help participants

  • bring project work into their own classes, seminars, and capstones, and learn how to use projects to help students make interdisciplinary connections.
  • use faculty-guided project work to strengthen service-learning, study abroad, and internship programs.
  • develop the fundamental skills needed to make project-based learning work for students, including student team formation and development, evidence-based thinking and writing, and strategies for attacking open-ended problems.
  • create faculty development plans to support project-based learning, including community networks and partnerships with external organizations.
  • use student project work as a key component for overall program evaluation and student learning assessment.
  • build relationships with teams from other institutions to share ideas and experiences.

Campus Action Plans

Teams from varied institutions—public, private, liberal arts, STEM, community colleges, research universities—will come to the Institute with a proposal outlining a specific goal or project they would like to advance. Through engaging and interactive group activity and faculty-led workshops, teams will formulate, develop, and refine ideas to fit their own campus objectives.

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Applications accepted through March 1, 2022